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Working in the luxury industry requires specific knowledge and soft skills that are difficult for employers to find on a global level. “You Make Luxury Come True” offers a comprehensive and innovative environment that allows learners to acquire these skills and obtain the certification of the Luxury Attitude Academy, whether it is a company looking to train their staff or professionals aspiring to work in this sector.

Luxury Attitude Certified

Upon completion of the course, you will earn the "Luxury Attitude Certified" certification, which validates the acquisition of knowledge required to play a leading role in Client experience in the Luxury sector.

You make luxury come true

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Available exclusively online, "You Make Luxury Come True" training course is based on a web series of eleven episodes, combining fiction and pedagogy. Each episode covers a specific topic related to the Excellence of Service and illustrated with concrete examples and testimonials given by influential luxury professionals. For the duration of the training course, learners have access to "Luxury Attitude Academy" community, an exclusive platform where luxury professionals specialized in Service Excellence gather and interact.



Discover our unique interviews with experts on fascinating themes relating to the Client experience, that will spark debate and help you in your search for truths with which to delight your Clients.


For more than fifteen years, thanks to our training programmes designed for the Hospitality and Luxury sectors, our consultants have enabled more than 75,000 people worldwide to acquire a Luxury Attitude and, in doing so, to take part in their company’s success. In the spring of 2015, Luxury Attitude open the Academy’s doors, offering innovative programs to the staff of the most prestigious hotels and of the most luxurious brands, as well as to anyone wishing to work in high-end hospitality or retail, thanks to our flagship concept: eMovie Learning.