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Eden Rock: “Make yourself at home”


Interview with Fabrice Moizan – General Manager of Eden Rock – Saint Barths 



Fabrice Moizan is the General Manager of the Eden Rock in Saint Barths… A selection of 34 prestigious luxury suites, rooms and cottages perched on a rocky headland with a spectacular view of an unspoiled beach. Without a doubt, this is one of the most beautiful hotels in the Antillean chain.  


How do you manage Client relations in such a select niche market?

We actively encourage the concept of genuine and constant care. By this I mean the ability of each team member – this includes those who only have indirect contact with Clients – to ensure that the human dimension is very much present whenever there is interaction with guests.  In addition to this, we aim for ultra personalisation – this means we can anticipate everyone’s expectations. The relatively limited surface area of the establishment certainly makes this easier to achieve.  I like to say that I run a “High-end guesthouse” in the true sense of the term. And as a matter of fact, we greet all our guests with the words “Make yourself at home.“


Could you give us some practical examples of this “genuine care?”

Each team member– regardless of his or her role – should be tuned in to our guests’ needs. This includes the Master Chef and Executive Chef who come into the dining area to make sure that the guests are happy and also to find out what they would like for future meals. Another example: if the beach attendant notices any signs of tension or unspoken dissatisfaction he should let the staff know …  In the same spirit, we make sure that at the end of their stay, our guests have arrived home safely. This constant care and awareness is discreet yet personalised and part of the Eden Rock DNA.


A few words to wrap up?

We offer our guests a sort of cocoon, which is perfect blend of aesthetics and sensorial pleasure. But this experience is nothing without the genuine empathy of the men and women who are there to deliver it.




By Clara

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