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Interview with Lionel Meyer - Co-founder of Luxury Attitude


“How are you? As well as can be expected for the first Monday back after the holidays”

As customers, we often feel that the quality of the welcome in a store, a hotel, or any other place is a matter of luck. Sometimes we meet real rays of sunshine: salespeople, receptionists and advisors that strive to transmit their passion, energy, and enthusiasm to every customer, every day. Conversely, we are sometimes received coldly, without any human warmth, by some people, who, because it’s Monday, because they are back from the holidays or because it’s raining, let their moods douse the flame inside them. Thus we are sometimes surprised to find ourselves thinking we would do well to avoid visiting these places on certain days of the year...


Is it possible to reduce the uneven quality of the welcome offered? Of course it is. But it is important to be aware that such an approach is a question of individual and not collective responsibility. Despite all the favourable conditions for happiness a manager may be able to create and despite all his or her good intentions, the mind-set of some employees will always get the upper hand. Which is why we must all, individually, fight against ourselves! Because we all have our Mondays and rainy days. We must banish phrases from our vocabulary that alter not only our own good mood but also those of our customers. "As well as can be expected for a Monday" – or a Thursday - "The weather is going to be bad again..." are all expressions that shape us. Let’s take another example: "Chin up!" Is work so bad that you need to keep your chin up to get through the day, as if it were a dramatic event?


Here we have put our finger on one of the problems encountered in the service sector: some employees are more likely to have a critical view of their customer’s mood than they are likely to have of their own. For those of you who are aware of the Luxury Attitude fundamentals, this is dealt with by the “On and Off” concept. From the moment employees start their working day, they have to be "On", dressed in a figurative waterproof that will protect them from any "bad weather" that may affect their good mood. In this way, and only in this way, will they be able to offer customers a face filled with joy, and, to the question "How are you?" Simply answer "Very well, thank you!"




By Clara

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