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Luxury Art craftsmanship : back to the luxury essentials


Evanela is an agency specialized in the rare moments, dedicated to artisanal art (high-end craftsmanship) and French cultural heritage – this is an invitation to reconnect with the essentials of Luxury through unique experiences that appeal to all of the five senses


Organising bespoke private visits to workshops for its Clients, “art living” events as well as other, more high profile events… All these unique and memorable experiences have been inspired by the “money can’t buy” philosophy.  As Lucie Knappek from EVANELA explains: “The added value of these personalised services comes from exclusive access to places that are usually out of bounds to the public and to renowned designers. Our target clientele? Managers or VIP Clients from prestigious Luxury houses or other large companies wishing to share these exquisite moments with their own Clients. We do all this without a sales pitch – this is all about the slow time approach.” The concept of excellence takes on its full meaning when creating these exceptional moments made possible thanks to a unique network of designers and artisans in all areas of artisanal art, haute couture, fashion, jewellery design, decoration, preservation and restoration of the cultural heritage…


A vast array of locations, crafts and offers... The storytelling & atmosphere can be totally transformed from one request to the other.  Airiness, delicacy and refinement for the plumasserie.  Contact with raw material and techniques for cabinetmaking. Beauty, eternity, rarity for jewellery.  A real-life example? “We privatised a suite in a prestigious hotel so that the ‘plumassier' (feather worker) could re-create his artistic environment for two Korean Clients coming from an upscale jewellery house. This gave them the opportunity to immerse themselves in the heart of the creative process.”  Of course, developing a strong awareness of the intercultural dimension is a “must-have” in order to respond to the needs of an increasingly international clientele. 




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