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Luxury Attitude receives a “highly recommended” rating from its Luxury Attitude Certified learners!

Interview with Arnaud Sindezingue, Client Advisor – Maison Ladurée


In my previous posts I have spoken a lot about the Luxury Attitude training programme but I have not yet mentioned the individuals who chose to be Luxury Attitude Certified. Today, I am pleased to introduce you to Arnaud Sindezingue who recently became Luxury Attitude Certified with top honours.


Hello Arnaud, could you introduce yourself and describe your professional background?


Hello, my name is Arnaud Sindezingue. I live in Paris and I’m Client advisor for LADUREE. I chose to work in luxury because the creativity and aesthetics of this world have always fascinated me.  Shortly after completing an MBA in "Luxury Brand Marketing and International Management“ (Sup de Pub) I was recruited by the director of the LADUREE boutique on the Champs-Elysées. And because I wanted to offer a unique service to my Clients, I chose to become Luxury Attitude Certified.


So why choose this particular training? How did did work?


I chose to become Luxury Attitude Certified because I wished to achieve excellence in the area of Client service. I really appreciated this training because I feel it perfectly complements my existing skillset. And it provides real added value compared to the more traditional training courses offered by other establishments.  It is extremely flexible from a practical point of view. The e-learning format means we can work when we wish and, more importantly, when we can. The video perfectly fits these requirements because we can take notes, split up the work depending on available free time, etc. The exercises are very useful – an ideal opportunity for self-reflection and developing awareness of our work. I completed the course in four weeks.


What are the advantages of this training and what have you taken away with you for the purposes of your profession?


In my opinion, this training has been designed to fit the requirements of individuals already working in a position involving Client contact. We learned a lot from the hands-on, practical side of the training. It also prevents us from "getting stuck in a routine” so that we can challenge ourselves. I found the content of the training particularly interesting, especially the participation of great professionals such as Christophe Michalak, Head Pastrymaker at the Plaza-Athénée Paris. Thanks to this training, I became aware that we can offer my Clients that “little extra something” because each of them is unique. Since then, I make sure I offer my added value to each Client in order to sublimate his or her experience.




By Marie

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