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Three questions to... Rémy Challe, Director of the Master of Science / MBA Programmes at Inseec Paris

Why did you decide to include the eMovie Learning module in your MBA Programs in Luxury & Hospitality?

There were two main reasons for this choice. First of all, our MBA students at Master 2 level originate from many different backgrounds. This module provides them with a hands-on approach allowing them to review the basics of luxury business. The second reason is that the eMovie Learning is a highly powerful and innovative tool in terms of both form and content… And this is what makes it so unique. Its cutting-edge approach is in tune with the learning habits of our time and is something that our students can relate to.


What benefits can you expect for your students? 

The course content will help them hone their approach to luxury and come to grips with the reality of this world. In other words, it’s nothing to do with “bling-bling” . The luxury sector is highly demanding, especially when it comes to attitude, empathy and social skills. This course will make our students fully understand what the expectations of the companies actually are and train our students to better respond to these expectations. Finally, the certification awarded at the end of the course is a valuable asset to their CVs and as well as for finding an interesting position in the luxury sector.


… and (the benefits) for your school?

Luxury Attitude-which is undisputedly one of the most reputed luxury expert- designed this training module. Including the eMovie Learning in our catalogue is certainly a way to consolidate the credibility of INSEEC as a major actor in Luxury Management training as well as a way to provide our students with advice and know-how coming from the best industry experts. 


By Frederic

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