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Three questions for... Wilfried Morandini, Food and Beverage Director at the Hotel Royal Mansour Marrakech

What did you “take home” from this eMovie Learning training?

If I could sum up my overall impression in a couple of words – I would say “impressive” and “highly innovative”! In the course of my career I've been on quite a few training courses and this is without a doubt one of the most memorable. Thanks to the thought-provoking episodes, we are shown a subtle approach to the emotional dimension of service, which is often more difficult to grasp than the purely professional aspect. And perhaps more importantly: this training gave my team and myself a chance to brush up on our basics, which can sometimes be forgotten with the passing years.

How does this training specifically concern the restaurant services sector?

When it comes to restaurant services, we need to offer our Clients unique and unforgettable emotional moments, conveyed by quality of cuisine and service alike. Achieving this means spending a significant amount of time setting the scene and consistently striving for excellence. This training helps us step back and take a look at our daily work routine. This in turn makes us calibrate our own processes. More generally speaking, I believe it can prove to be very beneficial for anyone whose work brings him or her into direct or indirect contact with Clients, regardless of his or her profession.

Has it helped you with the management of your teams?

Yes, without a doubt, in that it fosters a fresh approach to management. I have been able to use a specific scene of an interview to illustrate the areas of improvement I would like to introduce into our operational methods. This approach has proved to be much more meaningful and “hands-on” than wordy, theory-based speeches. It means I can map out a sustainable route both in terms of motivation and objectives.


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